Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chi-Town, Son

So, I've been in Chicago with my boys this weekend and I must say, this is an incredible sports city. We partied in Wrigleyville on Friday after the Cubs comeback win. Where else can you find a jam-packed bar at 4 on a Friday?

Although the Chi Sox are on tv, the North Side is definitely a Cubs-only territory. I'm one of the biggest Braves fans you'll meet, but I found myself strangely rooting for the Cubs this weekend. It's infectious how the Lovable Losers affect you.

I know this is supposed to be a sports blog. And, we did watch the Pistons and Wings at the bar. But, something about this town just turns it up a notch. Suddenly, a Pistons loss doesn't feel so bad, the friendly confines of Wrigley capture our spirits and it doesn't matter so much anymore.

It's a Sunday afternoon and we just hit up the brunch buffet at a local bar called Duffy's. 105 mimosas later and we're ready to go home. But, if we had the money, we would definitely stick around. $5 beers do a number on the wallet for sure.

I have to give thanks and the utmost respect to my lifelong friend, the Shue, and his roommate Ross. This is normally a 100% sports blog, but the absolutely gorgeous stuffed pizza, waitresses , and bachelorette parties take priority.

Much thanks to Andrea, Ashley, Jake, Annie, Steve and his thumbs-up. Let's just say that Hydrate is a rousing good time and you should never leave home without the boys you grew up with.


Anonymous said...

ah what a touching last sentence. i really like this one, it shows that you are more than just a sports writer, adds some personality to the name. very nice

Anonymous said...

How true! I remember my first time to Chicago, great memories, wouldn't trade them for all the beer in Milwaukee.
Don't know as much as you do about sports, but I do enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Too bad you are not hockey fan, the Wings are playing awesome. However, they Cup should have been won last night.
Aunt Kathy