Thursday, April 17, 2008

Will Be Back Shortly

I must apologize to my readers. I've been very busy at work lately. I am also in the process of acquiring information for my new high school sports website. Please forgive the lack of updates, but I will try to get a NBA playoff preview post up either tomorrow or Saturday. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

We want Ordo back!

Anonymous said...

What new high school web site. I thought MILive and MHSAA were high school sites. Tell us more

Dan Ording said...

I'm planning an extensive high school sports database for Michigan. Every school, every sport. Mlive is concentrated only on its 6 affiliate areas and MHSAA is primarily an administrative site. I want to focus on the other areas that get neglected. While i would still cover basketball and football, I also want to see more volleyball, swimming, soccer, etc. coverage.