Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Final Baseball Predictions

Division Champs:
AL East- Boston
AL Central- Detroit
AL West- Los Angeles
AL Wildcard- New York

ALDS- Detroit over New York, Boston over Los Angeles
ALCS- Boston over Detroit

NL East- New York
NL Central- Milwaukee
NL West- Arizona
NL Wildcard- Philadelphia

NLDS- New York over Milwaukee, Philadelphia over Arizona
NLCS- New York over Philadelphia

WORLD SERIES- Boston over New York

AL MVP- Alex Rodriguez
NL MVP- David Wright

AL Cy Young- C.C Sabathia
NL Cy Young- Johan Santana

AL Rookie of the Year- Daric Barton
NL Rookie of the Year- Kosuke Fukudome

First Manager to be fired- John Gibbons

Best mid-season callup- Evan Longoria

Best free agent signing- Fukudome
Worst free agent signing- Aaron Rowand

Best Trade- Tigers acquire Cabrera, Willis
Worst Trade- Twins don't get nearly enough for Santana

Best Offense- Detroit
Worst Offense- Pittsburgh

Best Rotation- Arizona
Worst Rotation- Florida

Best Bullpen- Boston
Worst Bullpen- Houston

C- Victor Martinez
1B- Albert Pujols
2B- Chase Utley
SS- Hanley Ramirez
3B- Alex Rodriguez
LF- Alfonso Soriano
CF- Grady Sizemore
RF- Matt Holliday
DH- David Ortiz
SP- Johan Santana
SP- Brandon Webb
SP- Jake Peavy
RP- Jonathan Broxton
RP- Rafael Betancourt
CP- Francisco Rodriguez

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Anonymous said...

Wheres the love for Detroit here? Losing to the BoSox in the ALCS and no all-stars?! Boston's pitching will hurt them severly this year and they need Big Poppie to stay healthy to win. Boston is still clearly the leader out of that division because it is weak this year, but man, this is obviously Detroit's year.