Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lions off to good start

Short post today, as I have to get off to Chelsea for a hockey game. But, I just wanted to point out that the Lions are already off to a great start in free agency. They've signed FA safety Dwight Smith and have re-signed CB Keith Smith. The free agent signing of Smith seems to indicate Kenoy Kennedy's sure departure from Detroit. D. Smith is a year younger than Kennedy and better in coverage. Our safety tandem now seems set with D. Smith at FS and Gerald Alexander on the strong side. Re-signing K. Smith was also a good move. While not quite a starter yet, he has the ability to play solidly in our nickel and dime packages as well as special teams. We certainly need the depth. Someone like Keith Smith, who is still young and already knows the system, is a plus signing.

Regarding the Shaun Rogers situation: there's no way a trade doesn't go through in the next month. His name is all over the trade winds. Denver, Jacksonville, and the NY Jets, are the teams most mentioned so far. The Jets might be packaging LB Jonathan Vilma and a draft pick in a trade. The Jaguars are rumored to be shopping a DT of their own in Marcus Stroud. Both players have struggled recently. Vilma is a 25-year-old ILB who would be a much better option than signing Al Wilson. However, he was hurt half of last year and had problems adjusting to a 3-4 defense. In Detroit, he would be back in the 4-3, so a return to an All-Pro level is possible. Stroud is a 29-year-old DT who saw his stats decline for three years. He has also missed 12 games the past two years. Given the choice, I would take Vilma and the pick (the Jets will throw in a pick because Vilma's contract only runs through 2008). In any case, I am impressed at the Lions' aggressiveness thus far. They aren't willing to simply discard Rogers. If they can get another Pro Bowl-caliber player in return, I would be very happy. Of course, with Matt Millen in charge, anything is possible.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about the potential Vilma trade on ESPN the other day, I do like that. I would like to see Millen land Ty Law in Detroit though, as well.